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Moving Tips to Make The Move Easier

The stress of packing your home can become unbearable as your moving date approaches. Nobody loves packing all of their possessions into boxes to be packed up, carried around, and then set back down, only to be taken out again. So, here are some excellent moving and packing hacks that will do the packing and moving so much simpler than you ever thought.

1. Put your hanging clothes in trash bags.

Hanging laundry is often a tough job. Pants like to slip off the hangers; clothes get twisted and bunched up; it’s a tangle. However, it will help to save a lot of time and aggravation by throwing bunches of your dresses into garbage bags and tying off the drawstring at the end. Your clothes will now remain together in a clean and organized manner.

2. Cover shampoo and lotion bottles with plastic wrap.

There’s nothing worse than opening a bag or package to discover that your shampoo bottle has exploded all over the contents. You can stop a messy catastrophe by covering the gap with plastic wrap.

3. Cut your own handles to make boxes more comfortable to carry.

You should try cutting your own handles to make your boxes more comfortable to lift if you are qualified with a knife. When cutting the boxes, take care not to hurt yourself.

4. A day before you fly out, defrost and clean your refrigerator.

It’s not fun to defrost a refrigerator. Clean your refrigerator and defrost your freezer the day before you leave. That way, you won’t have to worry about a leaking, stinky refrigerator interrupting your step.

5. Make sure the boxes are numbered on both sides.

Labeling both the top and sides of the box is a smart idea as boxes are shifted and shuffled around. You will still be able to recognize the contents, regardless of the orientation of the package.

6. Cover your dishes in t-shirts.

You not only save money on bubble wrap and packing paper by wrapping your dinnerware in your t-shirts, but you also pack two items at once.

7. Use different colors to distinguish the boxes.

You are using different colored tape to label boxes by category or room if you plan ahead and prepare smartly by arranging how you pack your boxes. With a quick look, it’s easy to see where the boxes should go. Your movers will be grateful!

8. Get Your Electronics Ready

Set aside time prior to the transition to arrange and mark power cords and cables for various electronic devices. You don’t want to leave this job until the last possible moment. It can be perplexing and exhausting to find out “which cord goes where” and “how to hook up this or that.”

9. Take care of the floors, both old and new.

The majority of respectable movers would have traditional floor coverings. Making things easier for yourself by getting a right entry rug ready to go for the new place from the start.

10. Store perishables in refrigerators.

Hold your coolers close by because you’ll most likely be moving perishables.

11. Make a plant-care policy.

Most movers won’t take plants, so plan on moving them yourself if you really want them to survive. If you’re traveling during the winter, your plants will pay particular attention.

12. Pack Your Shed While garages and sheds don’t need much packing, you’ll be better prepared if you don’t wait for the last minute. Here are a few basic shed or garage hacks.

• Since movers cannot transport flammables or explosives, have a plan in place for gas and LP tanks.

• Collect yard tools and place them in empty trash cans.

• You can also put dirty objects in the empty bins.

Store extensive tools in small containers.

• Clip the hose ends together, so they don’t spill on the truck floor or your belongings.

• Eliminate any power tool pieces that are loose or breakable. Plastic guides on saws are a clear example of this.

• Search for a grease tray on the grill. Check to see if it’s empty.

• If you have a barbecue grill, clean the ashes out immediately, or they will end up on the moving van’s floor, then the walkway, and eventually your new carpet.

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